Charissa Thompson’s Confession About Incident With Boyfriend (Video)

Charissa Thompson’s Confession About Incident With Boyfriend (Video)

Charissa Thompson is one of the most well-regarded and respected sports broadcasters of her generation.

Beginning with her time at ESPN and ending with her new present-day stint at Amazon, she has continuously proven himself to be an excellent interviewer and memorable personality.

In recent years, Thompson has been more open and honest about her personal life.

The trend continued this week, when she confessed a recent incident that occurred with her and her new boyfriend.

This isn’t the first time Thompson has gone viral for something like this. Earlier this year she was also open about why she and her husband split after just one year. She has been similarly upfront about the NFL coach that attempted to flirt with her and her greatest career humiliation (excluding her notorious nude picture leak).

Aside from her admissions, Thompson also frequently sets the internet ablaze for her various Instagram offerings:

And then of course there are her viral videos with Erin Andrews and their wild vacation photos together.

With the NFL regular season kicking off, Thompson will likely find herself in the headlines with increasing frequency over the next few weeks and months.

What will Thompson ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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