Devin Booker’s Racy Reply On Kendall Jenner’s Provocative Photos

Devin Booker’s Racy Reply On Kendall Jenner’s Provocative Photos

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker and internationally renowned model Kendall Jenner continued to make headlines this week.

The pair originally began dating in May of 2018 and went strong for more than three years. Things seemed to be going well – until suddenly they weren’t.

Very abruptly, in 2022, word emerged that Booker and Jenner had called it quits. When the cause behind the breakup came out, it seemed like going their separate ways was the best move for all parties involved.

What followed was Booker being spotted clubbing with a bunch of beautiful ladies and Jenner getting linked in a romantic capacity to yet another big time NBA star.

Everyone assumed that was it.

Over the past couple of months, however, signs have started to emerge of reconciliation. Back in July photos came out of Booker and Jenner getting very intimate on vacation. Then in August came imagery of them in a particularly intimate position.

And then in late August came the pictures of them getting especially close on a night out.

This week, the situation became further muddled when eagle-eyed observers noticed Booker’s racy reply on one of Jenner’s provocative photos:


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Devin Booker’s Racy Reply On Kendall Jenner’s Provocative Photos 1

The amount of likes and replies to Booker’s comment is telling:

Devin Booker’s Racy Reply On Kendall Jenner’s Provocative Photos 2

Clearly folks love to see these two together and want to see it continue.

It is beginning to legitimately feel like marriage lays ahead for Booker and Jenner. Not long ago, a report emerged suggesting that ever since they got back together, that has seemed like the logical conclusion for the pair.

“Devin made a huge effort to fix things with Kendall almost as soon as they broke up,” the report stated.

“The threat of losing her was a huge wake-up call for Devin. He’s been laser focused on making her happy ever since, it’s like they’re back in the honeymoon stage. Her friends and family are thrilled that they’re back together, everyone would love to see them get married.”

It will be interesting to see how things progress as the NBA regular season approaches. Booker has a big year ahead.

Will Jenner be by his side as he attempts to get back to the NBA Finals after an undeniably disappointing playoff run in 2021-22?

Time will tell.

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