Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner Vacation Photos Go Viral

Devin Booker, Kendall Jenner Vacation Photos Go Viral

Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker has been on quite a rollercoaster ride over the past few months.

Between his squad getting a fairly early boot from the NBA playoffs and his on-again, off-again status with girlfriend Kendall Jenner, Booker has been in the headlines nonstop.

And it was more of the same this week.

Despite their relationship status being very much up in the air right now, recent photos have emerged seemingly showing the pair vacationing together in what appears to be Hawaii.

The imagery largely speaks for itself:


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These visuals of course stand in stark contrast to other recent videos of Booker. Namely the ones showing him in the club, surrounding by pretty females. (Though, admittedly, they weren’t as fun-looking as Kevin Durant’s recent clubbing photos.)

Booker and Jenner are in a bit of a strange situation. They split up in very open fashion like a month ago. And when the real cause of their breakup came out, it made a lot of sense to everyone.

But between these new Hawaiian videos and the fact that they definitely brought in July 4th together a few weeks back, it’s unclear where things stand.

Are Booker and Jenner on again?

Are they off again?

Are they getting married?

Are they seeing other people?

At this juncture, there are more questions than answers about this pair. Which feels like par for the course given how their relationship has gone up to this point.

The next few weeks will be telling, though. If more images of them together emerge, then clearly they’re together.

If not – then the general public will know that they are officially done for good.

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