Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker Get Intimate On Night Out (Photos)

Kendall Jenner, Devin Booker Get Intimate On Night Out (Photos)

Kendall Jenner and Phoenix Suns star Devin Booker have been one of the most prominent couples in all of sports for more than a year.

The pair’s romance has been well-documented. For a long time, they appeared together frequently and seemed to have a really tight bond. Then came their breakup. Everyone assumed that it was for good, particularly when the true reason behind it came out.

Booker was spotted in the club with a bunch of women shortly thereafter; Jenner was linked to another big time NBA player. It seemed like all parties involved had moved on.

But then things took a strange turn. The seemingly broken up couple suddenly began to get seen together with increasing frequency. First they were spotted getting cozy on a vacation. Then pictures of them in a very intimate position emerged.

Understandably, fans became confused.

This week Jenner and Booker’s status became further muddled when naps emerged of them looking particularly intimate on a night out:

Make of that what you will.

This aligns with recent reports that marriage may be in the cards for the pair.

“Devin made a huge effort to fix things with Kendall almost as soon as they broke up,” the report noted.

“The threat of losing her was a huge wake-up call for Devin. He’s been laser focused on making her happy ever since, it’s like they’re back in the honeymoon stage. Her friends and family are thrilled that they’re back together, everyone would love to see them get married.”

With the NBA regular season rapidly approaching, it will be interesting to see if Jenner and Booker decide to take a more definitive stance on what precisely their relationship status is.

It would allow everyone to move on and not scrutinize their actions so closely.

Will Jenner and Booker actually do it, though?

Time will tell.

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