Real Reason Charissa Thompson Is Divorcing Husband After 1 Year

Real Reason Charissa Thompson Is Divorcing Husband After 1 Year

Charissa Thompson is one of the most renowned sports broadcasters of her generation. Between her stints at ESPN and FOX Sports, she quickly established herself as one of the premiere female sports personalities around.

When it comes to her career, Thompson’s track record is beyond reproach.

Unfortunately, things haven’t gone as smoothly in Thompson’s personal life.

This week it came out that Thompson had filed for divorce from her husband Kyle Thousands, a purported sports agent, after roughly one year of marriage.

As noted by Yahoo, “the couple was married on December 30, 2020, and she claims they separated just one year later in 2021. So, according to Thompson, the couple was only officially married for one year.”

Why is this relevant? Because in divvying up property, money earned and assets acquired after separating could be considered separate property in the eyes of the law. And since in her filing Thompson is asking the court to dismiss the option of spousal support from either side, clearly finances are a matter of concern to some degree.

Naturally, the first question people have in situations like this is: why?

Well, the official answer cited is “irreconcilable differences.” That said, folks can likely fill in the blanks here.

Thompson and Thousands got hitched when COVID was at its peak. Their wedding was, at the time, described as “intimate” – which was standard for rushed weddings during that particular time period when everything was shutting down.

“The day was perfect. Sadly we couldn’t invite all our friends and family due to covid, but we didn’t want to wait any longer to start our lives together. So a huge thank you to those that (were there) and made this day so special & (those that weren’t there) who still made us feel so loved,” she wrote in a now-deleted Instagram post.

“To my family, I missed my siblings so much but am so grateful my parents were there to see me start the next chapter of my life with a man I met sitting next to on a plane! Life is an adventure and you never know where it’ll take you but I’m so glad I get to do this ride with you.”

Most likely, as was the case with many couples who got married during that period, the whole thing was rushed and the parties involved weren’t ready. Because Thompson hasn’t spoken out publicly it’s impossible to know if that’s the case for certain, but most likely it is.

Thompson is generally a very straight-forward person. Whether she’s opening up about the NFL coach that tried to flirt with her or her biggest career embarrassment (not including her infamous nude photo leak) – she always keeps it pretty real.

In that vein, it seems likely that she will address this topic sooner rather than later.

At that point, all questions will likely be answered.

In the mean time, though – it’ll be interesting to see how Thompson ultimately carries herself in this clearly trying time.

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