Charissa Thompson Gets Very Honest About Nude Photos Leak

Charissa Thompson Gets Very Honest About Nude Photos Leak

Charissa Thompson is one of the most prominent sports personalities around.

Between her years at ESPN and Fox Sports, she has built up a massive following. For obvious reasons, anything she posts on Instagram goes viral.

One unfortunate incident that continues to haunt her to this day is a nude photo leak that occurred in 2018.

This past week, she appeared on a podcast with Jalen Rose and spoke openly and honestly about what transpired.

Her poignant words speak for themselves:

“The way I equate is someone came into my home, robbed my home of all its possessions, put it out in the cul-de-sac right in front of me, and I had to buy all of it right back to put back in my house,” she said.

Fortunately, Fox was extremely supportive of her.

“This is where Fox is so incredible,” she said. “I just was with them and they were so wonderful to me. And, so, I’ll never forget that, that even though most people, like people make comments like, ‘Oh, how are you still employed after that’ … Instead, my employer wrapped their arms around me and they’re like, ‘We got you.’”

Private imagery leaking out, unfortunately, is not an infrequent occurrence in the sports world. Dave Portnoy’s latest sex tape recently leaked out, as did Jamal Murray’s private Instagram clip with his girlfriend.

While this happens too often for comfort, it’s nice to know that Thompson was able to get past her particular incident and thrive in the way she has.

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