Dave Portnoy’s Latest Violent Sex Tape Goes Viral

Dave Portnoy’s Latest Violent Sex Tape Goes Viral

Barstool Sports boss Dave Portnoy is no stranger to sparking controversy.

Whether he’s engaged in online fights with fellow sports personalities, calling out pro athletes for taking his money and running, or beating up on mostly unheard of media execs, Portnoy has a knack for landing in the headlines.

It happened again this week, albeit probably not for the reason he intended.

This week, yet another sex tape featuring the Barstool head honcho hit the web.

It was very graphic.

Because of the nature of the content, posting it anywhere is a death sentence. But it’s not that hard to find on social media, and once you see it, you immediately understand why nobody else wants to publish it.

The video features a girl getting choked with some kind of leash-looking item, spitting and a lot of grabbing. It gets a little scary there at one point.

Obviously Portnoy is no stranger to sex tapes. But the extremely graphic nature of this one was unsettling even for some of his fans.

Dave Portnoy’s Latest Violent Sex Tape Goes Viral 1 Dave Portnoy’s Latest Violent Sex Tape Goes Viral 2 Dave Portnoy’s Latest Violent Sex Tape Goes Viral 3

Obviously consenting adults should be allowed to do whatever they want to do in the comfort of their homes.

And sure, plenty of people engage in the sort of activities that Portnoy and his special friend engage in.

That said — the video is a lot.

Will it impact Portnoy’s popularity? Doubtful. Is it still kind of off-putting to see someone you’re a fan of online choking the hell out of some girl while hitting it from behind? Yes.

In other news, Paul Pierce seems to be headed to Barstool after his stripper meltdown on Instagram. So at least there’s that.

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