Barstool, Dave Portnoy Spark Controversy For Responding To Gord Miller

Barstool, Dave Portnoy Spark Controversy For Responding To Gord Miller

Barstool Sports is no stranger to controversy. This week the rambunctious sports media brand found itself in the headlines yet again.

Rather than actually doing something provocative, as is in their nature, this time Barstool found itself in hot water for fending off an attack from someone else.

During a Q & A session on social media, hockey commentator Gord Miller was asked if he would ever consider appearing on an extremely popular Barstool Sports podcast.

His response raised some eyebrows.

Naturally, that led to some strong reactions – prompting this eventual follow-up.

That in turn led to a response from Barstool boss and sex tape aficionado, Dave Portnoy.

Which led to a response from Miller.

Portnoy then replied:

And that is where things currently stand.

Obviously Barstool’s many controversies speak for themselves. There was the infamous Colin Kaepernick debacle, the Suitman Saga of 2020, and that whole brouhaha with former President Donald Trump.

That said, the brand generally doesn’t shy away from discussing its past mistakes and faults.

Will Miller take Portnoy up on his offer to talk this through on a neutral playing field? Time will tell.

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