Dave Portnoy Sex Tape: 2nd Alleged Video Leaks

Dave Portnoy Sex Tape: 2nd Alleged Video Leaks

Dave Portnoy Sex Tape: 2nd Alleged Video Leaks

A second alleged video depicting Barstool Sports boss Dave Portnoy having sex has emerged.

The first video initially leaked out late last year. Portnoy touched on it briefly, but mostly opted not to discuss the matter.

The most notable things that came of the whole incident were two memes: “Federal crime” and “Bagwell.”

The latter refers to the position Portnoy was seemingly in while doing the deed, and the former is how the Barstool head honcho referred to the matter.

Earlier this week, a Twitter user with the handle “KirksProstate” seemed to show Portnoy engaging in a sexual act with another woman.

It has not yet been confirmed that Portnoy is in fact the man in the video, but the resemblances are uncanny.

“Portnoy is nothing if not a passionate lover who cares very much about his lady’s neck,” the caption read.

“Not a long stroke guy but he does like it when you can accent your underwear with a collar. Always business casual with him.”

It remains to be seen if Portnoy will come out and ultimately address this incident the way he did the first one.

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