Paul Pierce Getting Fired By ESPN Over Stripper Video?

Paul Pierce Getting Fired By ESPN Over Stripper Video?

Former Boston Celtics star and current ESPN analyst Paul Pierce landed himself in hot water this week after publishing some bizarre content on Instagram.

For reasons unknown, Pierce went on Instagram Live Friday night and showed off himself partying with a bunch of strippers.

In the videos Pierce, who is best known for his terrible hot takes, could also be seen playing poker, smoking, and drinking with some friends.

While it looked like a really fun time, it’s probably not quite what Disney wants from one of its top NBA stars.

The videos largely speak for themselves:

The question now becomes: will ESPN fire him?

Earlier this year, another NBA analyst for the network, Jackie MacMullan, sparked controversy with racist commentary about Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving. Many wondered if she’d get fired – but she didn’t.

If ESPN came out and now fired Pierce for having fun after not doing the same to MacMullan for a more egregious offense, it’d be a terrible look.

But a lighter punishment would definitely be appropriate under these circumstances.

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