ESPN Firing Jackie MacMullan For Racist Kyrie Irving Comment?

ESPN Firing Jackie MacMullan For Racist Kyrie Irving Comment?

ESPN NBA insider Jackie MacMullan found herself in hot water this week after making some very controversial comments about Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving.

During a recent appearance on Ryen Russillo’s podcast, MacMullan conveyed a story about a conversation she and Irving had several years ago.

“So I will tell you this, I was thinking of all the conversations I’ve had with Kyrie through the year,” she said.

“One of them I had, I don’t know, two years ago, we got into an argument about, you know, something. And he’s like, ‘Well there shouldn’t be an NBA draft. Players should be able to go wherever they want to go. We’re not, you know, someone’s property.’ And I’m like, yeah you are dude. That’s the way it works.”

Needless to say, Twitter was outraged. Some are now calling for MacMullan’s firing.

Irving has missed the Nets’ last five games for what the team has described as ‘personal’ reasons. That said, the real reason for the 28-year-old’s absence is a matter of public record at this point.

Some speculated that Brooklyn’s acquisition of James Harden from the Houston Rockets this week might inspire Irving to come back, but he has since made it abundantly clear that it will not.

Regardless of what Irving ultimately decides to do, it will be interesting to see how ESPN chooses to deal with MacMullan. People are demanding her job. Will the Worldwide Leader in Sports give them what they want? Time will tell.

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