Charissa Thompson Gets Honest About Biggest Embarrassment

Charissa Thompson Gets Honest About Biggest Embarrassment

Charissa Thompson is widely regarded as one of the best sports broadcasters of her generation. Between stints at ESPN and FOX, she established herself as a friendly and knowledgeable face far and wide.

In recent months, Thompson has increasingly opened up about her past. Both in terms of positives and negatives, she has kept it very real.

It was more of the same this week.

During a recent appearance on the ‘Calm Down’ podcast, Thompson opened up about one particularly embarrassing moment.

It occurred when she thought she was filming Los Angeles Rams quarterback Matt Stafford and his wife, Kelly.

“Kelly was going to go down to the field because they bring, you know, it was Cooper Kupp’s wife, and all the wives and girlfriends and stuff,” Thompson said.

“Kelly’s like ‘will you go down to the field with me?’ And I was like, of course I will. So we’re in the elevator on the way down. And she’s like [expletive] I forgot my phone. I was like ‘Don’t worry, I got you covered, I’ll capture the moment,’ like the whole thing.”

But things didn’t go according to plan.

“I think I’m crushing it,” Thompson continued. “I got all these moments… we get in the elevator afterwards, and I was like, ‘I got the best videos!’ what a moment… We get back into the suite and all the blood rushes from my face. I didn’t get anything.”


“I fumbled,” Thompson admitted. “I threw an interception on the goal line.”

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Thompson made headlines. In mid-January she went mega-viral after revealing which NFL head coach tried hitting on her.

Before that, Thompson got brutally honest about her extremely graphic private photo leak.

No matter how sensitive the topic, Thompson isn’t afraid to keep it real.

And if her podcast confessions over the past few months are any indication, that pattern will continue to hold true for the foreseeable future.

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