Erin Andrews And Charissa Thompson’s Wild Vacation Photos

Erin Andrews And Charissa Thompson’s Wild Vacation Photos

Erin Andrews and Charissa Thompson are two of the most respected broadcasters in all of sports.

Although both have focused more on the NFL in recent years, throughout their careers they have covered a wide range of leagues and topics.

These days Andrews and Thompson host a tremendously successful podcast called “Calm Down” that has pushed their respective brands to new heights. Specifically, Andrews now boasts more than 1.6 million followers on Instagram and Thompson has nearly 400,000.

Because of their massive followings, any time either woman posts anything on social media – it immediately blows up. And that’s what happened this weekend when Andrews showcased a wild vacation photo of the pair.

The visual largely speak for itself:


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Thompson has been all over the place in recent weeks. In addition to clearly having a great time with Andrews, she also apparently went to Italy.

Those photos look like a lot of fun as well:

Andrews’ individual vacation photos, meanwhile, went viral a few weeks back, too.

Throughout the past calendar year Andrews has set the internet ablaze for everything from her polarizing outfit choices to explanation for why underwear is her favorite present to receive.

And that’s to say nothing of her extremely real take on Troy Aikman’s massive new ESPN deal in the midst her own salary talks or revealing which good-looking NFL coach she is absolutely in love with. No matter what, Andrews always keeps it real.

The same is true for Thompson. Whether she is getting brutally honest about her most recent divorce, opening up the NFL coach that strangely tried to flirt with her or her greatest career humiliation (not including her infamous private photo leak) – she generally keeps it pretty real.

Andrews and Thompson are a permanent and irreplaceable mainstay at the intersection of sports and entertainment culture.

Their success is well-earned and will continue to exist for many years to come.

What will this dynamic duo ultimately go viral for next?

Time will tell.

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