Charissa Thompson Gets Brutally Honest About Latest Divorce

Charissa Thompson Gets Brutally Honest About Latest Divorce

Charissa Thompson is one of the best sports broadcasters of her generation. Between stints at ESPN and Fox Sports, she established herself as a titan in the industry and an undeniable fan favorite.

At this point, Thompson’s professional success is undeniable.

On a personal level, however – she has experienced some hardships. Most recently, Thompson went through her second divorce before the age of 40. This particular marriage lasted less than two years – and the reasoning behind the split raised some eyebrows last month.

This week, Thompson opted to address her divorce with brutal honesty.

“I had a sh***y week,” Thompson said. “The news of my pending divorce came out and it’s obviously not something that I wanted at all as somebody who grew up in a family — my parents were married since they’re 18.

“I trust in the institution and I’m somebody that’s been married and divorced before, so when I got married the second time I was so hopeful that it would be what you stand up there and say it will be, which is, forever, for better or for worse, and all the things.”

That being said, Thompson acknowledged that she put a lot of thought in her ultimate decision.

“As far as the actual [divorce] announcement, it was a decision that I did not reach overnight,” she continued. “I’ve been privately dealing with this for a while and my health stuff… a lot that of that stuff I know was related to the stress that I was under to come to this decision that was not easy to make.

“It comes down to this, and this is my advice to anyone, you have to do what’s best for you. You get one life and this thing is real short. So, I knew that I had exhausted all the options to try and keep my marriage in tact and I have nothing but love and respect for my now former significant other. But it just reached a point where I knew that I was better off by myself.”

Thompson also made it a point to admit she was embarrassed b the whole thing.

“I am embarrassed to admit that you know, this is now my second divorce at 40,” she said, appearing to tear up. “And then you worry about this, ‘Oh, you can’t keep a man. Oh, what did you do?’ There are all these like secondary, third, fourth level questions that you start to think about… Then you think about having kids, and I don’t have a significant other… There are so many different layers. But that is not a reason to stay in something that is not making either one of you happy and you ultimately have to make a decision that’s best for you. Even if it feels selfish, it is your life… in the end that’s where I’m at.”

Thompson is usually a very upfront woman. Whether she’s revealing the NFL coach that weirdly attempted to flirt with her or her biggest professional humiliation (not including her notorious nude photo leak) – she generally keeps it pretty real.

This was no exception.

Obviously this was a tough process for her, but with any luck, talking about it helps. And hopefully as time passes, she will continue to feel better and better about a choice she clearly felt like she had to make.

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