Zach Wilson’s Ex-BF Mocked By Own Fans For Dating His Ex-GF

Zach Wilson’s Ex-BF Mocked By Own Fans For Dating His Ex-GF

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has been on cloud nine these last few weeks.

It all started when his ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, was accused of being a “homie hopper” for dating his ex-best friend, Dax Milne.

Gile decide to respond to this by claiming that Wilson is the real “homie hopper” for sleeping with his mom’s best friend.

Needless to say, that allegation turned Wilson into a hero. People absolutely loved it. Fellow NFL stars started openly commending him. Fans began conducting investigations in which friend he hooked up with. It was crazy.

Milne and Gile, unfortunately, have not fared quite as well in the public eye. While Gile has more or less steered clear of attention, Milne is in the NFL as well – and there was nowhere for him to hide.

While at training camp with the Washington Commanders, Milne was openly mocked by his own fans:

Yikes. Now compare that the treatment Wilson got.

Big picture – none of this will matter when football season rolls around. Wilson already has a new girl. The Jets and Commanders both suck. This is only a story now because there’s nothing better to talk about.

That said, you can tell this whole thing put a little pep in Wilson’s step.

His response to the media when they asked him about it this past week was telling. The man is living life.

Will Wilson be able to roll some of this momentum over onto the football field and establish himself as one of the league’s top young stars in 2022-23?

Time will tell.

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