Photo Of Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Friends Amid Abbey Gile Rumors

Photo Of Zach Wilson’s Mom’s Friends Amid Abbey Gile Rumors

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson found himself at the center of a salacious controversy this past weekend.

It all began when his ex-girlfriend, Abbey Gile, was apparently accused of being a “homie hopper” for purportedly now dating his former best friend and ex-college roommate. She allegedly responded by accusing her former beau of hooking up with one of his mom’s friends.

Understandably, that claim caused quite a stir. Even other NFL stars, like Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf, felt the need to weigh in.

On the heels of the scandalous allegation, an obvious question came to everyone’s mind: which one of his mom’s friends was it?

On Monday, a photo of Wilson’s mom’s friends began to circulate online:

Reactions poured in quickly:

What a wild story this has been. And it doesn’t seem to be dying down at all despite being several days old.

This has been a pretty crazy summer for Wilson, even before all this unfolded. It’s easy to forget, but he literally just debuted his new girlfriend to the world. Between that and his mom’s most recent media firestorm, which came on the heels of her now-infamous ‘crack whore’ scandal, it has just been one thing after another.

Wilson has played exactly one year in the NFL and he is already generating headlines like a vet.

This is shaping up to be a big season for Wilson. He put in serious work on his body to come back strong in 2022-23, and many are excited to see if that pays dividends.

If it does, then a lot of this off-the-field gibberish will be swiftly forgotten.

But if Wilson struggles in the new year, expect for the topic of his non-football exploits to become an even bigger talking point going forward.

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