Zach Wilson’s Mom Responds To Weight Gain Photos Criticism

Zach Wilson’s Mom Responds To Weight Gain Photos Criticism

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson is not the most notorious member of his family.

Although he often finds himself in the headlines for jumping from blonde model to blonde model, Zach is actually fairly vanilla personality-wise.

Zach’s mom Lisa, however, is as fierce as they come. And that fieriness was on full display this week when a fan mocked her over photos where he apparently felt like she gained some weight.

“You look like you ate ALL the donuts – damn girl! Chill,” the fan wrote.

Lisa wasn’t having that. She replied accordingly:

Zach Wilson’s Mom Responds To Weight Gain Photos Criticism 1

“Josh don’t be a d**k,” she wrote.

“I was showing a small local business that is just trying to make it in a rough economy. You don’t know anything about me. You literally jumped on here with the intention to hurt someone’s feelings.

“I wish I could say I cared what you think, but I just don’t. However, I am so sorry you’re such a miserable person. Hope you find some sunshine in your life.”

Internet trolls are the worst. Regardless of how anyone feels about Lisa on a personality level, going after her weight is a low blow and wholly unnecessary.

Lisa is obviously no stranger to making headlines. Between her controversial posts and provocative TikToks, it is one thing after another with her.

Plus there was that whole now-infamous ‘crack whore’ situation that she still hasn’t lived down.

All in all, Lisa actually handles the nonstop media scrutiny and attention better than a lot of others in her shoes would.

The Wilson family is a mainstay in the general news cycle. Between Zach trying to get his offensive videos deleted from the internet and Lisa going wild like only she can, they keep a lot of sports and entertainment writers occupied.

Fortunately, the new NFL season is on the horizon. And hopefully Zach steps up his play on the field in a way that overshadows all the noise his family generates off it.

Will this be the year that the Wilson family restores some semblance of respectability to Jets football?

Time will tell.

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