Jets’ Zach Wilson Trying To Get Racy Video Deleted Off Internet?

Jets’ Zach Wilson Trying To Get Racy Video Deleted Off Internet?

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has had a busy week. Heading into the 2022 NFL Draft many wondered if perhaps his squad would make a blockbuster trade for Deebo Samuel. Zach even offered his thoughts on the move.

Ultimately, a trade didn’t martialize and instead the Jets opted to select Ohio State wide receiver Garrett Wilson with the No. 10 overall pick.

But that wasn’t the only thing that landed Zach in the headlines in recent days.

The former BYU standout also found himself going mega-viral online for a provocative video of him that, apparently, he didn’t want getting out.

Zach is a self-described Mormon and LDS Church member. Recently, during a golf session, the Jets quarterback offered this flippant comment on Mormon leader Joseph Smith.

“You throw like Joseph Smith is telling you plays from the sidelines,” someone off-camera can be heard saying.

“Joseph Smith was f**king 100 b**ches, so…” Zach could be heard replying.

Fairly harmless stuff, right? Just a joke between buddies? Well, according to, the clip in question was apparently a big enough deal for Zach (or someone purporting to be from his side) to try and get it deleted off the internet.

“Shortly after we posted the video, Zach slid into our DM’s asking for us to remove the video,” the report read. “At the time we posted, we had the video from another Twitter user who uploaded the video, Zach’s reps also reached out to him to delete the video.”

Obviously nothing can ever truly be scrubbed from the internet once it’s up, so the video lives on despite Zach’s attempts. But it’s fascinating that it was deemed a big enough deal for anyone to even make the effort to get it removed.

Mind you, Zach has been in the news for far more salacious matters over the past year. Between stuff with his girl and his mom, it has been nonstop drama for the Jets star.

And frankly, his mom lands in the headlines for way worse stuff. Between her racy social media posts and then her remarkable ‘crack whore’ drama, it never stops with that woman.

This is a relatively tame controversy by comparison.

Zach has a big year ahead of him. The Jets have pushed all their chips to the center of the table and are going all in on the second-year star as their quarterback of the future. He’d be wise to focus more on that and getting better, and less on viral videos that nobody would really care all that much about anyway.

Can Zach achieve the level of success that many feel like he has the potential for in 2022-23? Time will tell.

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