Jets QB Zach Wilson And GF Abbey Gile Abruptly Broke Up?

Jets QB Zach Wilson And GF Abbey Gile Abruptly Broke Up?

It appears as though New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and his one-time girlfriend, Abbey Gile, have abruptly broken up.

Wilson and Gile have been very open about their relationship over the past year.

When Gile recently posted a very provocative video that went extremely viral, Wilson was one of the first people to address it.

In recent weeks, however – it appears the pair has scrubbed one another from their social media profiles. Generally, that’s a sign of separation. And given that they used to engage with one another on social media quite frequently, that’s definitely a departure from the norm.

That said, the two do still follow one another. So take from that what you will.

Big picture, the women in Wilson’s life seem to bring him a lot of unfortunate press. Between his mom’s propensity for drama with her salacious social media posts and then her infamous ‘crack whore’ situation, and now this, it’s just one thing after another.

Whenever you think a new bottom has been reached, somehow a fresh low emerges.

Wilson ended his rookie campaign with 2,334 yards, nine touchdowns and 11 interceptions through 13 outings. In the process, New York went 4-13 this year. Obviously not quite the Mac Jones-level success that many had hoped for, but not totally unexpected either.

It will be interesting to see how Wilson bounces back next season. Earlier this year a lot of his teammates turned on him, but time has a way of healing all. If he improves dramatically over the offseason, many of his freshman woes will be forgotten. If he doesn’t – then he’ll just go down in the record books as another Sam Darnold.

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