Scottie Pippen Must Pay Larsa Child Support As Part Of Divorce Agreement

Scottie Pippen Must Pay Larsa Child Support As Part Of Divorce Agreement

Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen was one of the most dominant and effective NBA players of all time.

That said, the general population who didn’t grow up watching hoops in the 1990s knows him better as the guy who married and subsequently allegedly got cheated on by social media star Larsa Pippen.

Scottie and Larsa initially got married in 1997. The former would go on to file for divorce in 2016, only to stop the proceedings when the two temporarily seemed to reconcile. In 2018, Larsa filed for divorce.

On December 15 of last year Scottie and Larsa finally finalized their split. In the process, an interesting child support agreement was worked out for the pair’s two minor children: Justin (who is 17) and Sophia (who is 14).

According to Radar Online, who obtained a copy of the agreement, the amount Scottie is paying has been sealed.

“Per their deal, Scottie will pay monthly child support for Sophia and Justin until they turn 18,” the outlet reported.

Scottie and Larsa have been on a whirlwind tour over the past few years. The former has been openly clowned for repeatedly taking the latter back. In fact, Scottie only just finally spoke out about Larsa’s alleged affairs.

Larsa, meanwhile, has just been out living her life. Whether she’s hooking up with various NBA players or going viral for everything from her provocative Halloween costumes to her outrageous Instagram posts to her alleged romantic entanglements – she gives zero effs regarding what anyone thinks of her.

It has gotten to the point where even her own son has expressed frustration with her antics.

That said, given the level of notoriety she has achieved in recent years – it’s hard to see Larsa taking her foot off the gas any time soon.

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