Zach Wilson’s Mom Hits Lowest Point Since ‘Crackhead’ Incident

Zach Wilson’s Mom Hits Lowest Point Since ‘Crackhead’ Incident

There was a lot of hype surrounding Zach Wilson entering Sunday’s showdown between the New York Jets and New England Patriots.

That excitement subsided fairly quick, though. Through three quarters of action, the former BYU standout has thrown four interceptions in 14 passing attempts. His stat line heading into the fourth quarter is 8-of-14 for zero scores and four picks.

Not great.

Because Wilson’s mother has become something of a lightning rod for criticism online, she immediately began to trend as a result of his performance. One could make the case that this is her lowest moment online since the infamous ‘crackhead’ incident a few weeks back.

Wilson’s mom has risen to internet prominence over her knack for going wild at parties and incessant social media posting, but this is the downside of that. When things go bad, you face the consequences.

Wilson’s short stint with the Jets thus far has been more bad than good, which he would be the first to admit.

Will that change any time soon? Time will tell.

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