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Mississippi State Cheated Out Of Win Over Memphis (Video)

Mississippi State Cheated Out Of Win Over Memphis (Video)

Memphis defeated Mississippi State 31-29 on Saturday afternoon. The victory didn’t come without controversy.

With just under six minutes remaining in the fourth quarter and the Tigers sitting on a 21-17 lead, Mississippi State punted on fourth-and-6 from their own 47-yard line. The ball dropped at around the Memphis two-yard line and bounced forward roughly seven yards.

As everyone else assumed the play was dead, Calvin Austin III jogged over, scooped the ball up and ran it back 94 yards for a touchdown. That gave the Tigers a 28-17 lead.

Video of the play speaks for itself:

Mississippi State Cheated Out Of Win Over Memphis (Video) 1

A nearby referee can very clearly be seen trying to blow the play dead before Austin’s touchdown run, but it was to no avail.

If that wasn’t bad enough, Memphis also had two players on the field wearing jersey No. 4 – which should’ve been called out.

Just a disaster on all fronts.

Obviously Oregon was accused of cheating versus Ohio State last week as well, but their sins were nowhere near this egregious.

Sadly, awful officiating is becoming all too common in the world of football – regardless of level. Last week a ref who didn’t realize he was mic’d up seemingly made up a call during the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ Week 1 victory over the Dallas Cowboys.

Just awkward stuff all around.

Mississippi State has some very real problems that need to be addressed, but that doesn’t change the fact that they definitely got screwed in this particular case.

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Charles Kruger

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  1. Don’t forget that Mississippi state then came back to score a td, then kicked onside and recovered. Unlike the downed punt the refs decided they needed to review it for 5 minutes. Unfortunately for the refs the tape clearly showed the ball travelled 10 yards, and Mississippi State clearly recovered, so they claimed they saw an illegal block, on an onside kick recovered by the kicker. Then they back Mississippi state up 5 yards and made them try again.

    Playing or watching such a game is pointless when the refs are clearly acting to alter the outcome.

  2. Also, the refs said State did not catch ball or was out of bounds on an end zone play. Replay showed he was definitely in bounds and had perfect control on the ball. That’s 6 points they took away.
    Officiating was clearly for Memphis.
    Hold your heads up, Bulldogs. You were the winners of that game! Go Dawgs!!!!

  3. you folks watched a different game than I did.
    Like where the Mississippi State O Line held the Memphis defenders THE ENTIRE GAME, and got whistled TWICE?
    Or the Mississippi State player who blatantly PUSHED a Memphis player RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REFEREE? (no call)
    There were two MisStake players on the punt play in question.
    The first batted the ball away from the goal line…this is called “first contact”.
    The SECOND MisStake player did not ESTABLISH possession of the ball. He TAPPED the ball while he was down on his knee.
    He did not hold it down long enough. He also neglected to hand the ball to the referee…a point to which even Bulldog coach Mike Leach acknowledged.
    Calvin Austin III knew the play rule, and as the official was ABOUT to wave the play dead…STOPPED in his tracks…because Calvin had picked the ball up. IT WASN’T DEAD. The WHISTLE is what ENDS THE PLAY, and NO WHISTLE HAD BEEN BLOWN.
    The ONLY “illegal” part of the play, was the accidental use of two players using #4 jerseys.
    You SEC fans can cry all you want, but Memphis football teams have been robbed of wins by SEC officials FOR YEARS when we play UT, Ole Prius, and MisStake.
    Memphis was AHEAD before that call happened…so that one play did not determine the outcome.

    1. If Memphis had fumbled the football on the punt return, we could have opted to receive the ball where the first MisStake player had touched the ball…by rule.

  4. I am ashamed to be a Mrmphis grad . You don’t just accidently have 2 guys wearing the same #4 on their jersey..thus was a violation, deliberately done to confuse the defense on who is the real #4…shameful deliberate violation ..
    Mississippi players clearly down the ball..clearly visible as was the 2 players wearing #4 .
    This is truly an obvious fixed game. The reason the refs should be fired…they either participated or they should be fired for at least being totally inept as officials. Sad day in college football that allowed these calamities to stand

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