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Oregon Accused Of Cheating In Win Over Ohio State (Video)

Oregon Accused Of Cheating In Win Over Ohio State (Video)

Oregon made history on Saturday afternoon with an impressive 35-28 victory over Ohio State.

With this win, the Buckeyes became the first Pac-12 squad to nab a non-conference road victory over a top-5 team since 1990. Pac-12 teams came into Saturday with an incredible 25-game losing streak in that regard.

Unfortunately, this particular achievement didn’t come without controversy.

After the fact, Oregon was accused of benefiting from something they shouldn’t have benefited from.

With six minutes remaining in the game and Oregon up by seven, the Buckeyes had possession and faced a daunting 3rd and 20. Ultimately, wide receiver Chris Olave secured the reception just past the line of scrimmage, but was immediately taken down by Oregon linebacker Noah Sewell.

Many felt like the hit deserved a “targeting” call, given that Sewell led with the crown of his helmet, despite the fact that Olave was already falling down and there was no helmet-to-helmet contact.

Ultimately no call was made and Ohio State went on to lose the game.

Some folks, as one might expect, were miffed.

Obviously this isn’t the first example of shifty officiating in the world of football. Heck, just this week a particularly egregious instance where a referee seemingly made up a call without realizing he was mic’d up stunned fans everywhere. But given how crucial every single outing is in college football, you can’t blame Ohio State fans for being salty over what transpired.

Big picture, this is one of the less dramatic scandals to rock college football in the last two weeks. Then again, unlike last Saturday’s big hoopla about how a female SEC reporter was dressed, at this one actually has to do with the on-field product.

One way or another, the Buckeyes will bounce back from this. They always do. Will this loss ultimately keep them out of the College Football Playoff, though? That remains to be seen.

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