Did Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Mistress Extort His 14-Year-Old Son? (Photos)

Did Carmelo Anthony’s Alleged Mistress Extort His 14-Year-Old Son? (Photos)

Newly-signed Los Angeles Lakers star Carmelo Anthony has been embroiled in several unfortunate controversies over the past few months.

First, obviously, there was his split from long-time wife La La. Then troubling text messages leaked out that didn’t paint him in the best of lights. And then of course came the Kevin Durant-La La chatter.

This week, things took an even uglier turn.

A prominent personality who claims to be acquainted with Anthony’s mistress did an interview on VladTV, offering up all sorts of sordid details.

“I know the girl,” he said. “I met her in the Bronx maybe six months to a year before she met him. She was at the strip club.” He went on to describe her as “drop dead gorgeous.”

“If you going to let a n**** c** in you, might as well be Carmelo,” he concluded.

Shortly thereafter, the alleged mistress came out and attempted to address a ton of rumors regarding her – including the fact that she attempted to extort Anthony’s 14-year-old son Kiyan.

Obviously a less than ideal situation for all parties involved.

It will be interesting to see how all this off-the-court drama impacts Anthony during his first year in LA. He has been on something of a media tour in recent weeks, calling out those who have wronged him in the past, so it feels like he has something to prove this season. He has also been pretty honest about how being a member of the Lakers is different than being a part of any other organization.

All that being said – outside noise is hard to drown out. Better players than Anthony, at this stage in his career, have been unable to do it.

Will Anthony finally be able to claim that elusive championship ring in 2021-22? Time will tell.

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