Did Jets’ Zach Wilson Go From Abbey Gile To Mom’s Best Friend?

Did Jets’ Zach Wilson Go From Abbey Gile To Mom’s Best Friend?

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson has had himself quite the offseason.

On the field, the 22-year-old has been quietly preparing for his sophomore campaign. After an up-and-down rookie year, fans are eager to see if he can take the next step in season two.

Unfortunately, off the field seems to be where Wilson has been generating headlines nonstop over the past few months. And it was more of the same this weekend.

In a now-viral tweet, Wilson stands accused of moving on from his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile to his mom’s best friend. The eyebrow-raising response that started all this appears to be in reply to comments condemning Gile for being a “homie hopper” and moving on from Wilson with his former best friend and BYU roommate. The tweets largely speak for themselves:

Because social media is what it is nowadays, reactions poured in immediately:

Just an incredible turn of events.

That said, something weird did occur shortly after that tweet went viral.

If you go back to the original message from the account that posted the revelation initially – it’s gone. The first tweet was deleted. Why was it removed? It’s unclear. Wilson has a history of trying to get unflattering stuff scrubbed from the internet. Then again, it could also be a validity issue. Time will tell what’s what.

All in all, this has been a wild offseason for Wilson. Between the debut of his new girlfriend and his mom landing in the headlines for her response to weight-gain accusations, it has been one thing after another.

That being said – Wilson could change the conversation immediately by being actually good on the field next season. His summer body transformation was a solid start. Physically, he is where he needs to be. Now he just needs to deliver from a skill perspective.

Is 2022-23 going to be the season where Wilson joins the likes of Joe Burrow among the top up-and-coming young passers in the league? Time will tell, but similarities in their bedroom game are definitely emerging.

The Jets have bet a lot on Wilson being a franchise-caliber starting quarterback.

It will be interesting to see if he can ultimately deliver on those expectations in the coming months and years.

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