Lakers Fans’ Insulting 3-Word Chant At Russell Westbrook

Lakers Fans’ Insulting 3-Word Chant At Russell Westbrook

The Los Angeles Lakers faced off against the Phoenix Suns in summer league action on Friday.

A number of prominent figures from the purple and gold were in attendance, including: LeBron James, Russell Westbrook and Darvin Ham.

Unfortunately, what should have been a chill evening took an ugly turn when Lakers fans started to chant an insulting three-word message.

The fact that Russell Westbrook had to sit there and take it was particularly brutal.

“We want Kyrie,” the crowd yelled.

Just an unreal level of disrespect.

Obviously any trade for Kyrie Irving would result in Westbrook being dealt away. So to chant that you essentially don’t want him, to his face, is the ultimate shot at Westbrook.

It goes without saying that Westbrook’s time in L.A. has been mired by controversy. He has feuded with coaches. He has feuded with fans. It has been ugly.

But basic common decency still exists.

The Lakers are obviously very interested in acquiring Irving. A general framework for a prospective swap exists.

Presently two players are blocking the deal from happening, but the hope is that it will eventually work out. The San Antonio Spurs could expedite the whole thing, though it’s unlikely they’ll want to help Los Angeles.

Either way, there is a certain sense of inevitability around something getting done.

As made clear by the chants on Friday night, though – this trade can’t possibly happen soon enough.

All sides are tired of things as they currently are and desperately want to move on.

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Charles Kruger

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