Lakers’ Russell Westbrook Gets Into Fight With Fan On Street (Video)

Lakers’ Russell Westbrook Gets Into Fight With Fan On Street (Video)

The Los Angeles Lakers have been an unmitigated disaster this season, and one big reason why has been the play of Russell Westbrook.

In recent days, Westbrook has become extremely sensitive about fans understandably pointing out that he is washed.

It was more of the same this week.

In a now-viral clip, Westbrook can be seen getting into it with an apparent Toronto Raptors fan who told Westbrook, “Russell, I f— with you, I just want you to play better.”

Westbrook’s reaction largely speaks for itself:

This isn’t an isolated incident. Earlier in the week, Westbrook also confronted a fan who called him “Westbrick” at a game.

Being heckled by fans is never nice, so some level of frustration is certainly understandable. That said – Westbrook seems way more focused on the people criticizing him than why he is being criticized.

Again, this isn’t just a fan thing. Other players around the league are routinely clowning and disrespecting Westbrook these days. Why isn’t he trying to fight them?

Instead his focus is on beefing with Lakers coaches, defiantly maintaining that he deserves to be a starter and irritating LeBron James in as many ways as humanly possible.

Once upon a time Westbrook was an MVP, All-Star and game-changing player. Those days are long gone. Now he’s just an albatross the Lakers can’t wait to get rid of.

Westbrook would be wise to start ignoring fans and instead focus on improving his play, but if recent history has taught us anything – that’s simply not going to happen.

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