2 Players Holding Up A Lakers-Nets Kyrie Irving Trade

2 Players Holding Up A Lakers-Nets Kyrie Irving Trade

The Los Angeles Lakers and Brooklyn Nets have been in communication regarding a trade centering around Kyrie Irving.

A framework for a potential deal has slowly started to emerge over the past day, but both sides are still some ways away.

While Irving and Russell Westbrook have obviously been mentioned frequently as the centerpieces of a prospective move, they are not what is currently holding it up.

Rather, it’s two role players who presently serve as road blocks.

According to Chris Haynes of Yahoo Sports, Seth Curry and Joe Harris are two names to watch.

“Draft compensation is an ongoing talking point for the Nets and they want shooting guard Joe Harris — who is recovering from left ankle surgery — and his remaining $38.6 million owed over the next two years included in the deal, sources said.

“The Lakers have been disinclined to the inclusion of Harris, and are instead seeking the insertion of sharpshooter Seth Curry as part of the arrangement, sources said. Curry is on an expiring $8.5 million deal. The Nets maintain discussions have only been preliminary at this point, sources said.”

While the Lakers would obviously rather take on less salary, even Harris would be hugely beneficial for the team. Last year L.A. ranked 17th in three-point attempts, 18th in three-pointers made and 22nd in three-point percentage. Both Harris and Curry would help a lot with that.

There’s a reason why the Lakers’ Plan B if they fail to get Irving is two sharpshooters. The team clearly needs to upgrade in that regard.

Harris comes with a hefty salary, but if he is the only reason the Lakers are pausing on getting this thing into the end zone – then the front office needs to get over it.

Everyone is too committed to winning a championship with LeBron James and Anthony Davis at this point. Taking your foot off the gas doesn’t makes sense.

Whatever it takes to get this done, that’s what L.A. must do.

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