2 Sharpshooters Emerge As Trade Targets For Lakers

2 Sharpshooters Emerge As Trade Targets For Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers were one of the worst three-point shooting teams in the NBA last year.

They ranked 22nd in percentage, 17th in attempts and 18th in made threes. When you have LeBron James and Anthony Davis sucking up attention from opposing defenses, that is simply unacceptable.

Fortunately, it seems like the front office is attempting to address the matter this offseason.

In fact there are now two legitimate sharpshooters that the team has its eye on.

“If Kyrie doesn’t work out, they have plans in place — or plans they hope they’ll be able to execute — to achieve shooting on that roster in other directions,” Dave McMenamin said on ESPN’s NBA Today.

“Whether that be a veteran like Buddy Hield, who they almost got on last year on draft day and you see Indiana just traded away Malcolm Brogdon and there could be more moves to come, or perhaps a guy like Eric Gordon in Houston. Those guys aren’t Kyrie Irving, of course, but they are players they feel they may be able to acquire to help their team.”

McMenamin is generally pretty plugged in. Plus, he wouldn’t want to look wrong in front of his girlfriend. So there is no reason to assume his assumptions regarding Hield or Gordon are incorrect.

Hield thought he was going to become a Laker last year. He was brutally honest about his surprise over how shadily things went down in that regard.

But now is a chance for the Lakers to right 2021-22’s wrong. They need three-point shooting.

Gordon and Hield would be great sources of it.

Is one of those guys coming to Los Angeles?

Time will tell.

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