DK Metcalf’s Blunt Reaction To Zach Wilson, Abbey Gile Rumors

DK Metcalf’s Blunt Reaction To Zach Wilson, Abbey Gile Rumors

New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson and his ex-girlfriend Abbey Gile found themselves at the center of some very salacious rumors this weekend.

It all started early Sunday morning, when a series of Gile’s alleged comments in response to purportedly now dating Wilson’s old best friend and college roommate went viral.

Essentially, as a means of deflecting from being a “homie hopper,” the comments seemed to suggest that Wilson was in fact the one deserving of criticism because he had hooked up with his mom Lisa’s best friend.

DK Metcalf’s Blunt Reaction To Zach Wilson, Abbey Gile Rumors 1

Because of the undeniable juiciness of all the claims and the participants’ roles in this drama, the whole saga set the internet ablaze.

That in turn led to a lot of reactions – including from Wilson’s NFL counterparts. One notable person who couldn’t refrain from commenting? Seattle Seahawks wide receiver D.K. Metcalf.

This is particularly hilarious because Metcalf has been linked to a big blockbuster trade with the Jets that would see him become Wilson’s top receiving option. Clearly he’s a fan.

Metcalf wasn’t the only player to weigh in, though. Left tackle Mekhi Becton did as well.

What an insane offseason this has been for Wilson. When you factor in him debuting his new girlfriend to the world just a few weeks back and his mom’s newest DM controversy fresh off her infamous “crack whore” controversy, it feels like it has just been one thing after another.

This is shaping up to be a big year for Wilson. His incredible offseason body transformation understandably got a lot of fans hyped – but the off the field distractions are starting to become a bit much.

If he can come back and play well in 2022, obviously nobody will care about them one iota.

But if he struggles, folks will inevitably wonder if they’re dragging him down.

How will Wilson ultimately fare in his sophomore campaign?

Time will tell.

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