New Favorite Emerges For DK Metcalf Trade With Seahawks

New Favorite Emerges For DK Metcalf Trade With Seahawks

The Seattle Seahawks’ decision to trade Russell Wilson to the Denver Broncos signaled an impending rebuild. Although there has been some chatter in recent days about the team pursuing a star quarterback via trade, no real movement on that front has occurred.

And no team going into the new year with Drew Lock as its starter sees itself as a credible playoff contender.

In that spirit, it is increasingly beginning to look like the Seahawks will trade wide receiver D.K. Metcalf.

Although both the front office and Metcalf have remained relatively tight-lipped on the move up to this point (a welcome departure from his now-infamous foursome controversy), the writing is on the wall.

According to ESPN NFL insider Rich Cimini, the New York Jets are very interested in possibly adding Mecalf to the roster.

“The hot names are the Seattle Seahawks’ D.K. Metcalf and the Tennessee Titans’ A.J. Brown, both of whom have only one year left on their rookie contracts and are up for mega-extensions,” he reported.

“The receiver market has exploded in recent weeks, prompting Seahawks GM John Schneider to express sticker shock. The Jets’ Twitter pounced on that, fueling its visions of Metcalf in green (meaning the Jets’ color, not money, although the latter would certainly apply).”

It has been something of an open secret in recent days that the Jets have their eye on three star wide receivers. That said, it is increasingly beginning to feel like Metcalf is moving ahead of the pack in terms of something getting done.

With Odell Beckham Jr.’s next team seemingly set, the market for talented pass-catchers is quickly drying up. The Jets likely feel as though if they don’t move on Metcalf ASAP, they risk the shot of losing him to someone else a la Tyreek Hill.

This is shaping up to be an interesting next few weeks. It has never been a better time to be a receiver in the NFL than now. Will Metcalf be one of the guys to really capitalize on this insane bubble?

Time will tell.

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