Will 49ers Trade Jimmy Garoppolo To Broncos, Vikings Or Texans?

Will 49ers Trade Jimmy Garoppolo To Broncos, Vikings Or Texans?

Will 49ers Trade Jimmy Garoppolo To Broncos, Vikings Or Texans?

Will the 49ers trade Jimmy Garoppolo to the Broncos, Vikings or Texans?

That is the question on the minds of football fans all over San Francisco after something of an interesting preseason.

Garoppolo, 27, returned to action this year after missing 11 months with a torn ACL.

His offseason performance was something of a mixed bag.

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It certainly was not what folks in the organization wanted to see after giving the former New England Patriots reserve a $138 million contract.

At one point during a very highly scrutinized training camp session he threw five straight interceptions.

Again, this was just a practice session – but still, yowza.

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Later on, in a preseason game against the Denver Broncos, he went 1-for-6 and threw a pick.

Normally bad preseason showings are dismissed as just that, but we also do not have much else to grade him on.

Garoppolo played in three games with the 49ers in 2018.

Prior to that, in 2017, he played in six games with them.

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Over the course of his entire professional career, Garoppolo has never played more than six games in a single season.

Complicating matters further is that the 49ers have other respectable options at quarterback.

Nick Mullens, 24, was picked up by San Francisco as an undrafted free agent back in 2017.

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He first received his chance to shine last year when CJ Beathard got hurt.

Mullens wound up playing in eight games and racked up 2,227 passing yards and 13 touchdowns.

This week, Mullens informed reporters that he had been named the team’s No. 1 backup at quarterback.

“The coaches have notified us,” he said.

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“I will serve as the backup. That doesn’t really change my mindset. I’ve just got to take one day at a time, and all three of us will continue to push each other and make each other better in practice and in the game.”

Clearly 49ers brass like Mullens, and based on everything we have seen, he could be a very viable replacement for Garoppolo.

So let’s say Garoppolo wears out his welcome in San Francisco.

Where could he go?

Well, there are a few options.

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The Broncos are lining Joe Flacco up at quarterback to start the year, but the backup situation behind him is very thin.

Drew Lock will be a short term IR guy and Flacco’s most recent run with the Baltimore Ravens ended with him getting replaced.

Garoppolo could be a good fit in Denver, and if anyone loves taking chances on quarterbacks, it’s John Elway.

If not the Broncos, Minnesota is another option.

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Kirk Cousins is clearly the top quarterback on the roster, but behind him sits Sean Mannion – someone who has only started in one game since 2015.

The Vikings play in a very violent division. If Cousins gets hurt, they could really use someone of Garoppolo’s caliber on the roster.

Finally, if neither Denver nor Minnesota end up shaking out, then don’t sleep on the Texans.

Deshaun Watson is a fantastic young quarterback, but his health remains a big question mark.

Garoppolo could be a perfect fit on a team that otherwise looks ready to do some serious damage in their division.

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Will Garoppolo ultimately get benched and then subsequently traded? Not at first, probably.

But if the 49ers get off to a bad start – it certainly would not be all that shocking to see him a new jersey next year.

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  1. Are you mental? Why would any team want to pick up a QB with a $27million a year cap hit who hasn’t proven that he can do anything? Particularly why would Minnesota, a team with their own lead balloon of a QB contract and pretty much zero cap space, be in a position to sign Garropolo? Similarly why would the Texans, a team with a phenomenal young QB on a rookie contract, want to put an unproven and injury prone QB behind their offensive line that has more holes than Swiss cheese? Watson makes their franchise a playoff contender with his mobility but putting Garropolo behind that line considering he’s more of a pocket passer is asking for him missing another 10 games this season.
    Denver…Denver may just be stupid enough to go for this nonsense.

    1. I could not agree more. So you think any team in the league will pay that much for a back up QB? This moron should be fired for writing such a dumb ass article. Everyone that reads it is dumber for being exposed to such stupidity. 138 million for a back up??? I can’t express how incredibly stupid this article is.

    2. Yeah I think this is probably just a clickbait thing, no professional sports writer could be stupid enough to think a team would trade away their young franchise QB because of a bad practice. And to think a team would pick up a starting caliber QB just to back up Joe flacco is idiotic as well

  2. Cool to see a total fucking moron write an nfl article. Texans? Are you actually serious? Minnesota going to a more expensive less proven qb?? Gtfoh. Denver?? Um guess you dont watch the draft either.

    Bad thing….you cant even add cleveland to this. Bills. No. Jets…no…cards NOPE.

    Person with slight knowledge of the NFL and who actually gives a f*** about being a journalist would have taken 5 f****** minutes to figure out what teams actually need a f****** quarterback and what teams go in the teams listed in your headline are probably the furthest away from needing a f****** quarterback.
    Its fucking LAZY.

    There i fixed it for you, dumbass.

    Fyi its bullshit like this that will prevent me from ever clicking on crap from this website.

    Thanks for being a reason journalism is dead.

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