Will Raiders Trade Antonio Brown To Cowboys, Eagles, Chargers Or Bears?

Will Raiders Trade Antonio Brown To Cowboys, Eagles, Chargers Or Bears?

Will Raiders Trade Antonio Brown To Cowboys, Eagles, Chargers Or Bears?

Will the Raiders trade Antonio Brown to the Cowboys, Eagles, Chargers or Bears in light of their latest disagreement?

They very well might.

Brown’s tenure with the Raiders has been a rocky one from the very beginning and does not appear to be getting any better.

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Oakland brass announced on Thursday morning that they intend to suspend their enigmatic wide receiver after he got into a huge argument with general manager Mike Maylock.

The fight was apparently so bad that teammates had to hold Brown back.

Brown and Maylock reportedly got into it over Brown publicly posting about being fined on Instagram.

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On Wednesday, Brown posted about his displeasure with the Raiders over two fines that had been handed down to him.

The first fine was for $40,000 for missing training camp on Aug. 18. The second was for an “unexcused” absence from practice on Aug. 22, and it totaled up to $13,950.

After both incidents, Maylock famously issued a statement saying that it was time for Brown to either buy in or get out.

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“It’s time for him to be all-in or all-out, OK?” he said at the time.

Oakland initially brought Brown in after a trade with the Steelers.

After it happened, Pittsburgh players had nothing but kind things to say about Brown.

“For me, I have no hatred towards him,” said JuJu Smith-Schuster.

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“Hate is a strong word to use. The word I use is disappointed. Playing with him for two years, he was a role model. Everything he did, he dominated. I respect his game so much, I wanted to play like him, be great with him.

“Obviously there were other plans in place. I can’t control that.”

Although the deal happened in the offseason, Brown was forced to miss significant time after his feet got frost-bitten badly during a cryotherapy treatment in France.

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Once the foot issue was resolved, Brown opted to sit out over a battle with the NFL over his preferred helmet.

It is quickly becoming apparent that the situation between Brown and the Raiders is increasingly untenable.

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While they are not at the point of no return yet, they are slowly creeping in that direction.

So assuming that Oakland needs to dump Brown at some point this year, where could the team send him?

Dallas could be an option.

Don’t forget, Jerry Jones and Co. already accepted one disgruntled receiver from Oakland in Amari Cooper – and that trade paid dividends for Dallas.

History could repeat itself.

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If not he Cowboys, Philadelphia could be a landing spot for Brown.

The Eagles have a history of bringing in controversial wide receivers and doing big things with them.

Plus, after having invested so heavily in Carson Wentz recently, you would think that they would want every possible weapon available for him.

The Chargers could be another good partner for Oakland. They have their own messy situation going on with Melvin Gordon, and a swap of some sort could pay dividends for both teams.

Finally, don’t sleep on the Bears.

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Chicago already stole one Pro Bowl-talent from the Raiders last year, and Bears brass no doubt feels like they can probably fleece Oakland a second time around.

Will Brown ultimately get moved?

Time will tell.

But it is certainly beginning to look like that might be a viable option.

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