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Will Notre Dame Be Banned From The College Football Playoff?

Will Notre Dame Be Banned From The College Football Playoff?

Will Notre Dame Be Banned From The College Football Playoff?

Will Notre Dame be banned from the College Football Playoff this year?

Probably not.

But if Paul Finebaum had his way, the Fighting Irish most certainly would be.

While appearing on First Take on Monday, Finebaum shared his latest hot take: Notre Dame should be permanently banned from the postseason.

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Primarily due to the school’s poor showing against Clemson in the CFB Playoff last year.

Nevermind that the same Tigers went to on dismantle Nick Saban’s Alabama team en route to a National Championship.

That doesn’t matter to Finebaum.

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“I think they can be 10-2,” he said of Notre Dame. “But they are not going to the playoffs and frankly, they should never be allowed back to the playoffs after their embarrassing loss last year to Clemson.

“They should be given a five year probation.”

To be clear, Finebaum is not advocating that Alabama be banned from the CFB Playoff going forward.

The Crimson Tide losing to Clemson by 28 is okay.

The Fighting Irish losing to Clemson by 27 is not okay.

Makes perfect sense.

Notre Dame will begin its regular season on Monday night against Louisville.

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  1. We all know what he means though and he is 100% rite. Bama will beat Clemson 5 times out of 10 Notre dame beats them what once maybe?

  2. How many times do we need to see them embarrass themselves against legit competition before we learn our esson?

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