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Will Michigan Fire Jim Harbaugh After Slow Start?

Will Michigan Fire Jim Harbaugh After Slow Start?

Will Michigan Fire Jim Harbaugh After Slow Start?

Will Michigan fire Jim Harbaugh after a slow start to the season?

Probably not, but the heat is definitely on.

The Wolverines opened the regular season with a 40-21 victory over Middle Tennessee on Saturday, but the win itself was not impressive enough to quiet critics.

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Appearing on ESPN following the game, Paul Finebaum indicated that he was “concerned” about Harbaugh’s squad.

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“I was a little concerned about Michigan,” he said.

“I’ve been high on Jim Harbaugh but they really struggled. They were barely leading the game at halftime.

“I know we can overreact,” he continued. “Of course we can overreact, this is First Take. … They should have looked better. I think they will be better but they had a rough first week out.”

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Finebaum was not the only concerned party at the Worldwide Leader.

Marcus Spears was similarly bothered by what he saw out of Michigan.

“I was really concerned with how Michigan looked,” he said.

“I actually picked Michigan to win the Big Ten. Then looking at what Justin Fields was able to do, that line got a little closer,” he added.

“With that being said, with Gattis over there with Shea Patterson, as the season progressively continues, Michigan will get a lot better. You’ve got to remember that Michigan lost a lot of key players last year on the defensive side of the ball. They have to make strides there.”

Generally speaking, 19-point victories are usually enough to keep people happy in college football.

Unfortunately when you’re favored by 30+ points over an inferior team that sometimes is not enough.

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The real problem, though, is this unmistakable feeling that the Wolverines are good – but not quite as good as they should be.

That has been the running theme since Harbaugh’s arrival.

Michigan is good, but not good enough to beat Ohio State.

Michigan is good, but not good enough to beat South Carolina in the Outback Bowl.

Michigan is good, but not good enough to…

You get the point.

If this were another school, with a different coach, decent results would be accepted and that would be that.

But expectations are just higher for Michigan and Harbaugh.

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It doesn’t seem like a hot take to say that all involved will need to step it up in 2019.

This was supposed to be sort of an off year for the Urban Meyer-less Buckeyes, and it was going to be Michigan’s time to step up and take control of the Big Ten.

If that doesn’t happen; if the Wolverines don’t win the conference – it could be time for Harbaugh and the Wolverines to go their separate ways.

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