Will Andrew Luck Sign With The Dallas Cowboys?

Will Andrew Luck Sign With The Dallas Cowboys?

Will Andrew Luck Sign With The Dallas Cowboys?

Will Andrew Luck sign with the Dallas Cowboys? That is the question NFL fans all over America are asking after an analyst on Fox Sports 1 suggested that it might be a viable option.

Luck, 29, retired from professional football this weekend after a stream of constant, never ending injuries sapped his desire to play the game.

In an emotional press conference, Luck indicated that he was done with the sport and thanked the Indianapolis Colts, as well as the team’s fans, for seven memorable seasons.

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On Monday, while appearing on Fox Sports 1’s Speak For Yourself, analyst Jason Whitlock suggested that Luck’s retirement may only be temporary.

“I think he’s going to sit for 2 years,” he said.

“I don’t think he’s returning to Indianapolis, though.”

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If not with the Colts, then who does Whitlock believe Luck will sign with?

“I picture him in a Cowboys uniform,” Whitlock continued.

Whitlock is not the only person to suggest that Luck’s retirement is only temporary.

“We’ve seen Tiger Woods come back (from injury) and win the Masters. We’ve seen Michael Jordan retire and unretire. In this case, we just wish (Luck) the best and maybe that he finds some clarity,” Colts owner Jim Irsay said told

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“Again, he’ll just be 30 years old (soon).”

Will Luck really return to the NFL after taking a bit of time off? We’ll find out for sure within the next couple of years.

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  1. If he returns he would be stupid to play for Dallas. Yes I believe he returns next yr if indy can get a front line or he will go elsewhere. But not Dallas to much of a drama town. They just resigned ezek for 90 mill and iam sure Prescott who in my book isn’t going to do a dam thing for Dallas so he’s not worth the 35mill he’s making now.

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