2019 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Quarterbacks

2019 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Quarterbacks

2019 Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Quarterbacks 

A good 2019 fantasy football draft strategy is key to having a successful fantasy football season.

If you go into the proceedings willy-nilly without any sort of preparation, your results will reflect that decision.

One of the hardest things to do this year will be to determine which quarterbacks you should take in your fantasy draft.

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Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes is obviously the biggest and brightest young star playing the position today, but what kind of results will he produce this season?

Can he really throw for another 5,000-yard and 50-touchdown campaign?

It’s debatable. Those numbers are very hard to achieve, and defenses will really be gunning for him his year.

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Even still, assuming there is some sort of decline in production, Mahomes still figures to be a lock for 4000+ yards and 40+ touchdowns. And if he can put up those sort of numbers, he is absolutely worth a third round selection.

Beyond Mahomes, there are a few other big names worth consideration.

Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is considered by some to be the best pure player at the position in the league. With a new head coach and something to prove, we could see a rejuvenated Rodgers put up the sort of numbers people have been expecting from him over the last few years.

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If Rodgers performs to those expectations, he is absolutely worth a pick in rounds four or five.

The next tier of quarterbacks feature Deshaun Watson, Baker Mayfield and Matt Ryan – albeit all for different reasons.

Watson is allegedly finally healthy and has a lot of solid players he can throw the ball too. The recent loss of Lamar Miller is likely to force the Houston Texans to rely even more heavily on the passing game than they were originally planning to.

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Mayfield and the Cleveland Browns are obviously something of an unproven commodity, but it is hard to argue with the level of depth they have on offense. So long as Mayfield doesn’t make any big mistakes, he should have plenty of big plays down the field this year.

Along the same lines, Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons offense should have a big season just based on the sheer talent level on offense.

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Watson, Mayfield and Ryan are all worthy of being taken somewhere between rounds five and eight.

The last two names worth looking at in the first 10 rounds are Cam Newton and Carson Wentz. Both players are very injury prone, but have considerable upside if they stay healthy.

Wentz, in particular, will be playing with arguably the best offensive group he has had over the course of his entire career.

If you truly believe he can stay healthy, Wentz could be a very solid pick up that you can get later in the draft.

Carson Wentz
Eagles at Redskins 9/10/17

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To recap:

If you want to take a quarterback in rounds three or four, Mahomes and Rodgers figure to be your safest and best bets.

Should you want to take your passer in rounds five through eight, keep an eye on Watson, Mayfield and Ryan.

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And if you decide to take a quarterback at some point between rounds eight and ten, there is value to be had in Newton and Wentz – presuming you believe they can stay healthy.

Besides those names, guys like Drew Brees of the New Orleans Saints, Philip Rivers of the Los Angeles Chargers, Tom Brady of the New England Patriots, Ben Roethlisberger of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Jared Goff of the Los Angeles Rams and Russell Wilson of the Seattle Seahawks are generally regarded as low-risk, high-reward players.

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