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Urban Meyer Says Oklahoma Has Big Issue

Urban Meyer Says Oklahoma Has Big Issue

Urban Meyer Says Oklahoma Has Big Issue

Urban Meyer says Oklahoma has a big issue they need to address if they want to compete for a championship this year.

Meyer, former head coach of Ohio State and the school’s current assistant athletic director, is also serving as a college football analyst for FOX.

On Friday, while doing a promotional appearance on The Herd, Meyer spoke at length with Doug Gottlieb about the upcoming college football season.

One of his major notes was the “biggest issue” that Oklahoma football would encounter.

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Meyer is of the opinion that Oklahoma’s defense is a major roadblock to them being serious contenders for a national championship. And he believes that the onus is on head coach Lincoln Riley to fix that problem.

Meyer believes it’s Oklahoma’s defense that will be its biggest question mark. He also said he thinks that head coach Lincoln Riley is making the necessary changes to address it.

“Lincoln Riley is such a good offensive coach. The staff consistency, the offensive consistency … he’s very adaptable to different players,” Meyer said. “My issue at Oklahoma is going to be on defense.

“It’s the obvious. I think the offense will pick up right where they’re going, Meyer continued. “He’ll change a little bit. Because obviously Kyler Murray is a different player than Hurts. However, it’s all about defense at Oklahoma.

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“You can’t advance and be 100th in pass defense. You can’t. So they have to get better. And they did. You have to give them credit. He identified a weakness. Made wholesale changes. Brought in a new defensive coordinator. That’s going to be Oklahoma’s issue.”

The Sooners will kick off their college football season on Sept. 1 with a game against Houston.

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    1. Exactly. People letting their hate for the messenger blind them to the message. Oklahoma’s defense sucks and their offense wont be as good as some think.

  1. OU has made some major changes on defense. I don’t think Riley and his overhauled defense were ever aware of their need for change. They just had to reload.

    By the way, isn’t this the former coach who left a major coaching job when his ‘star quarterback’ citing health reasons, then raced to another school with same pressure to win.

    This is the team who couldn’t stomach having their School Flag manhandled after a big loss to a team powered by horses. Oh, and finally threatened to sue The Pride of Oklahoma Marching Band because the “O” on the Drum Major’s Uniform looked too much like there’s.

    Wow, Urban should be proud. He is working his way down the ladder, using his same method.


    1. Yeah it’s funny that Urban thinks no other coaches are capable of retooling their teams over the summer. Biggest egomaniac I’ve seen in a sport full of them.

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