Ezekiel Elliott Hates Cowboys, Jerry Jones Now

Ezekiel Elliott Hates Cowboys, Jerry Jones Now

Ezekiel Elliott Hates Cowboys, Jerry Jones Now

Everyone who thought that Ezekiel Elliot and the Dallas Cowboys would reach a quick and easy resolution to their financial disagreement before the start of the season better reevaluate those expectations.

If anything, the situation appears to be getting worse – not better.

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This weekend, Dallas squared off against the Los Angeles Rams in a preseason showdown taking place in Honolulu, Hawaii. The Cowboys ended up winning the game thanks in some measure to the strong performance of running back Tony Pollard.

Pollard, a fourth round rookie out of Memphis, played with the Dallas starters in this game and totaled 42 yards on five carries. Among his highlights was a 14-yard run that ultimately put the Cowboys ahead.

Following the game, Cowboys owner Jerry Jones met with the media. When he was pressed on how good Pollard looked, Jones jokingly said: “Zeke who?”

As you might imagine, that comment did not sit well with Elliot or his team.

During an interview with Chris Mortensen of ESPN, Elliot’s agent, Rocky Arceneaux, said that he “didn’t think it was funny and neither did Zeke – we actually thought it was disrespectful.”

In the same report, Mortensen more or less indicated that Elliot and Jones are still very far apart on a new deal and have not really engaged in any meaningful negotiations.


Elliot is coming into the final year of the 4-year, $25 million deal he signed back in 2016 hoping for a new contract. Over the course of his first three seasons in the NFL, he has rushed for 4,048 yards and Dallas is 16-3 when he rushes for more than 100 yards in a game.

Between this ongoing drama and their situation with Dak Perscott, the Cowboys offense could be in some real trouble heading into the 2019-20 season.

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  1. Real talk….

    The Cowboys aren’t winning 6 games this year. We gotta stop talking about them. They might finish behind the fucking giants. They’re that bad.

    1. No way they finish behind NY. Giants are gonna be trash. Couple of nice preseason throws does not make a good rookie qb make. Giants offense will be awful this year as soon as defenses realize all they need to do is stack the box.

    2. Real Talk… Mofos got lucky with 6 six wins and if they do make playoffs… They will be first team out… This team never goes anywhere as long as Garrett is the Head coach

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