Bill Belichick Does Not Care About Andrew Luck, Colts

Bill Belichick Does Not Care About Andrew Luck, Colts

Bill Belichick Does Not Care About Andrew Luck, Colts

Bill Belichick does not care about Andrew Luck, the Indianapolis Colts or anything related to the two.

Belichick, head coach of the New England Patriots, was asked about Luck’s retirement during a press conference on Monday morning.

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“Andrew Luck retired. You faced him six times. What was it like going up against him?” a reporter asked.

“He’s a good player,” he replied. “I didn’t see that [coming], but I don’t really follow them.”

“You know, we all have to make our decisions, he made his, I respect it.”

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The reason Belichick’s response initially went viral is because it was taken out of context.

Twitter had a field day by removing the word “coming” from his comments – making it seem like Belichick was unaware of Luck’s retirement altogether.

That was not the fact in case, and the Patriots released a statement later indicating what Belichick’s real response was.

Lost in the debate of what Belichick did or did not say is the fact that, all in all, he simply does not care about this latest development because there is no reason for him to.

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The Patriots are indisputably the most dominant franchise in NFL history and have arguably the greatest quarterback of all time on their roster.

Meanwhile, the Colts’ biggest claim to fame since sending Peyton Manning packing is overcoming a large deficit in AFC Wild Card game against the Kansas City Chiefs in 2014.

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They do not hang banners for coming back from large deficits in wild card games, in case anyone was wondering.

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Belichick’s statement regarding Luck’s retirement its and impact on the Colts is what it is because, at the end of the day, he does not care.

And can anyone really blame him for that?

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