Vanessa Bryant’s Newest Photos With Pau Gasol Cause A Stir

Vanessa Bryant’s Newest Photos With Pau Gasol Cause A Stir

Vanessa Bryant and Pau Gasol formed a tight bond during the latter’s time with the Los Angeles Lakers.

Much in the same way that Pau and Kobe Bryant grew close during their championship run, Vanessa came to see the Spanish basketball legend as a dear friend as well.

The pair’s bond only grew tighter in the years since Kobe’s untimely passing.

This past week, Vanessa shared some photos to social media of her, Pau and his wife Catherine McDonnell.

Vanessa Bryant’s Newest Photos With Pau Gasol Cause A Stir 1 Vanessa Bryant’s Newest Photos With Pau Gasol Cause A Stir 2

“Love,” one person replied.

Seeing the bond between Vanessa and Pau has warmed many a hearts within the Lakers community. Specifically, her appearance at his jersey retirement ceremony was something that fans took careful note of. Especially since Vanessa doesn’t just willy-nilly attend anything.

And given Pau’s blunt reaction to LeBron James skipping that same ceremony, it’s safe to assume that Vanessa’s gesture meant a lot.

Pau, for his part, has also done a lot to maintain the relationship. Between taking vacations with the Bryant family and the special anniversary gift he sent, the man’s loyalty has been truly impressive.

Vanessa has obviously been in the headlines a lot over the past year. As the matriarch of the Bryant family, she has had to deal with people scrutinizing her outfits to public events, her photos with Rob Pelinka going viral and an incredibly messy legal battle with her own mom.

Fortunately, Vanessa has had a lot of really good friends to lean on through the tough times. Pau is an obvious one, but he isn’t the only one. Just this week, some wild photos Vanessa took with her other good friend, Ciara, set the internet ablaze.

Big picture, Vanessa and Pau are both basketball royalty. And in Los Angeles, they are just royalty.

Seeing their relationship continue to be as strong as ever warms the hearts of fans far and wide.

What other gems will Vanessa and Pau’s friendship produce in the years to come? Time will tell.

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