Vanessa Bryant’s Photos With Lakers’ Rob Pelinka Go Viral

Vanessa Bryant’s Photos With Lakers’ Rob Pelinka Go Viral

Vanessa Bryant is the wife of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant and one of the most beloved figures in all of sports.

Despite going through the sorts of trials and tribulations that would break most people, she has stayed as strong and poised as ever over the past few years.

Because the Bryant family remains L.A. royalty to this day, Vanessa’s various updates are closely followed on social media.

Recently she shared some imagery with her fans of Lakers team president Rob Pelinka that immediately set the internet ablaze:

Vanessa Bryant’s Photos With Lakers’ Rob Pelinka Go Viral 1 Vanessa Bryant’s Photos With Lakers’ Rob Pelinka Go Viral 2

Pelinka was not only Kobe’s agent, but his long time friend and confidant. When Karl Malone infamously made that disturbing six-word comment to Vanessa back in ’04, it was Pelinka who played a central figure in making sure the world knew what happened.

To this day, as the aforementioned photos show, he remains very tight with the Bryant family.

As for Vanessa, she continues to be a fixture in the headlines. The way her photos with former Laker Pau Gasol blew up is evidence enough of that.

Over the past couple of years she has had to deal with people taunting her over her husband’s passing, NBA fans poking at her over her changing appearance, a mild beef with the likes of DeMar DeRozan and Shams Charania and that ugly lawsuit with her mother.

Through it all, Vanessa has remained a beacon of positivity and strength. Whether she is showcasing her slumber party photos, publicly addressing Golden State Warriors star Klay Thompson or rescuing Kobe’s fans from clear scams – Vanessa has been and continues to be someone that everyone can root for.

Vanessa and her family went through the sort of pain and loss that nobody should be forced to endure.

It is great that she has friends like Pelinka around to support her.

Pelinka’s most recent moves as Lakers team president may irk some, but his loyalty to the Bryant family has never been questioned.

With 2022 coming to a close, hopefully Vanessa continues to find the peace and contentment she and her children deserve in 2023.

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