Vanessa Bryant’s New Pau Gasol Photos Go Viral

Vanessa Bryant’s New Pau Gasol Photos Go Viral

Vanessa Bryant has spent the last several years recovering from a tragedy no family should ever have to deal with.

In January of 2020 she lost both her husband, Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, and daughter, Gianna, in a helicopter accident.

Since then Vanessa has focused on remaining a pillar of strength and comfort for her family.

One person who has assisted her in these efforts is Kobe’s former Lakers teammate, Pau Gasol.

Whether he is spending time with the family or giving Vanessa special gifts, Gasol has remained a fixture in the Bryant family’s lives.

This week was no exception.

In an epic celebration, Gasol helped bring in little Bianka’s sixth birthday.

The imagery speaks for itself:

NBA Twitter is comprised of a notoriously fickle crowd. It is always hard to please them.

But they absolutely loved what they saw:

Vanessa also shared some other photos from the celebration:

Vanessa Bryant’s New Pau Gasol Photos Go Viral 1 Vanessa Bryant’s New Pau Gasol Photos Go Viral 2 Vanessa Bryant’s New Pau Gasol Photos Go Viral 3

Gasol has been very reflective of his relationship with Kobe in recent years. His explanation of the two sides of his teammate and confession about the first time he ever saw Kobe cry were telling.

He has also been a tremendous stabilizing force for the Bryant family as a whole.

Vanessa has had to deal with a lot since losing her husband and daughter. Between the disastrous legal war with her own mom,  the brutal claims LA County made against her and what fans seem to think is her shifting appearance – it has been one thing after another.

Through it all, she has remained strong – thanks in no small part to the support she has received from people like Gasol.

The Bryant family will always be considered royalty in Los Angeles. They have the support of the entire city, no ands, ifs or ors about it.

Hopefully as more time passes they can continue to heal from the tragedy they experienced and go on to have happy and productive lives.

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