Vanessa Bryant’s Lawsuit With Mom Takes Odd Turn

Vanessa Bryant’s Lawsuit With Mom Takes Odd Turn

Vanessa Bryant’s mother filed a lawsuit against her late last year. In a troubling and detailed report, Sofia Laine alleged that she was owed money for babysitting services she provided over the years for her grandchildren.

According to Laine, former Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant promised to take care of her for life. When he passed, Vanessa reportedly kicked her out of the house she had been living in and refused to compensate her properly for services rendered.

The accusations Laine ultimately made against her daughter were very ugly and prompted an immediate response from Vanessa.

Despite a ton of backlash, mostly from people perturbed by the idea of a mother suing her daughter, Laine persisted. In fact, she doubled down. In a now-infamous interview, she went into great detail explaining why she had chosen this particular course of action.

Fortunately, this past week, a resolution appears to have been reached. According to TMZ, Vanessa has opted to settle the lawsuit with her mother. The proceedings are officially done.

Although the terms of the settlement were not disclosed by either party, clearly it was something that both sides found reasonable.

Between a particularly odd recent encounter with Derek Fisher and being accused of lying during Kobe’s Hall of Fame induction speech, Vanessa has had something of a rough few months. Hopefully this most recent development marks the start of a more peaceful time for the Bryant family matriarch.

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