NBA Fans Notice Something Odd About Vanessa Bryant (Photos)

NBA Fans Notice Something Odd About Vanessa Bryant (Photos)

Vanessa Bryant, the widow of Los Angeles Lakers legend Kobe Bryant, appeared at the NBA All-Star Game this past weekend.

In an effort to honor the league’s 75 greatest players ever, the NBA held a special ceremony where it paid tribute to all of the recognized individuals. Vanessa appeared in Kobe’s place.

In addition, Vanessa was also on hand because this year’s games marked the first time the All-Star Game MVP award was re-designed to honor Kobe and to present the inaugural Kobe & Gigi Bryant WNBA Advocacy Award.

When Vanessa was shown on TV on Sunday, some fans noticed something odd:

Understandably, other fans had some strong reactions to these claims and observations.

Clearly the internet is gonna internet. No matter how sensitive the topic is.

Big picture, though – Vanessa has been and continues to be Los Angeles royalty. Between saving Kobe’s diehard fans from scamsbringing shady cops to justice and keeping her weird mom in line, the Bryant family matriarch is incredibly strong. And she proves it each and every day.

Vanessa has never let the online noise get to her before, and that is unlikely to change any time soon.

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