Vanessa Bryant’s Incredible Response To Mom’s Accusations

Vanessa Bryant’s Incredible Response To Mom’s Accusations

Vanessa Bryant and her children are widely regarded as Los Angeles Lakers royalty at this point. As a result, when Vanessa’s mother came out and accused her daughter of not treating her appropriately, folks were quick to take notice.

During an interview with Univision, Sofia Laine accused her daughter of not providing her with adequate financial support.


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Specifically, Laine pointed to Vanessa taking her automobile away and kicking her out of her home. The home in question is thought to be a $2 million property that was put up for sale in October in Irvine, California – though it remains unconfirmed if that was the particular home Laine was talking about.

When news of this unfortunate rift between mother and daughter first emerged, Vanessa easily could have mishandled the situation. It was salacious story of questionable veracity covered at length by multiple media outlets, so there were plenty of opportunities for her to drop the ball.

Instead, she did the exact opposite.

Vanessa handled the entire ordeal with the sort of class and grace that has become trademark for her over the past year.

“My husband and daughter passed away unexpectedly, and yet my mother had the audacity to do a television interview speaking negatively of me while shedding tears for a car and a house that were not in her name,” Vanessa said in a statement.

“She has removed all her diamond jewelry, emptied the apartment I provided, and put away the furniture to make it look like she doesn’t have my support. My husband and I have supported her financially for the past 20 years, and continue to do so, in addition to her monthly alimony.”

Vanessa also made it a point to address the frivolous gossip regarding her mother being some sort of presence for her after the untimely deaths of husband Kobe and daughter Gianna.

“Contrary to previous reports, she has not been physically present or emotionally supportive of my daughters or me after my husband and daughter passed away,” Vanessa continued.

“Now I see what is most important to my mother and it’s more than painful,” she wrote. “I hope that everything that is coming out about our personal relationship ends here.”

And that is precisely what ended up happening. The drama concluded right there and then. Laine was never heard from in the media again, and the Bryant family was able to move on. All because Vanessa handled an extremely sensitive and difficult situation with the sort of incredible elegance that very few others could have.

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  1. Vanessa Bryant is NOT considered royalty in La or the OC. This is fake news! Actually her reputation is horrific all over La and the OC. She is the wife of the amazing Kobe Bryant. She is nothing more. Nothing less! HE was considered royalty. Her reputation is way different. Stay in your lane tired newspaper who has zero clue…

  2. My heart goes out to Vannessa and the gorls but I think this speaks volume to her character, she condoned Koby to disown his mother and father so those types of relationships are expendable to her. She never once said thank you to Koby mom or dad for giving him life regardless. But thats just my opinion.

    1. Do you know the entire story. Kobe and Vanessa havebeen incredibly generous. Kobe had reasons he never discussed. Show some respect for the decisions they both have made, they apparently are important to the family and health of thier children. Some people just don’t belong in your life. The Bryant’s apparently were smart enough to protect thier girls from negative influences. Don’t judge unless you get the real story. Sorry your judgemental, and that’s plain straight up wrong.

  3. You may always have money…but, your Mother should always be honored and respected. Maybe we see what is important to you. There is nothing more important than repairing that relationship with her Mom.

  4. You said that you’ve supported your mother financially for twenty years. How many years did you provide financial support to Kobe’s mother?

    1. Kobe’s the one who made the money in the first place that allows them to support family members and friends. The only reason they’ve been able to support Vanessa’s mom is because of his career success so of course he’s going to think of his own mom as well. He’s supported his mother since he first joined the NBA. Yes, there were strenuous times where they had difficulty with his marriage (bumps in the mother/son relationship), but that didn’t mean he didn’t support or give her a helping hand.

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