Vanessa Bryant’s Anniversary Gift From Pau Gasol (Photos)

Vanessa Bryant’s Anniversary Gift From Pau Gasol (Photos)

Vanessa Bryant and Pau Gasol forged a strong bond due to the latter’s close friendship with Kobe Bryant.

After Kobe’s untimely passing, many showed their true colors.

Vanessa’s mom stepped forward and behaved in a fashion that left an extremely sour taste in people’s mouths.

Gasol, conversely, went the opposite route. He made it a point to be there for the Bryant family in every way he could be. He went on vacations with them. He celebrated family occasions.

Among the things that Gasol also made a point to commemorate was Vanessa and Kobe’s wedding anniversary. In a truly moving gesture, he and his family sent a special gift to mark the event.

Vanessa Bryant’s Anniversary Gift From Pau Gasol (Photos) 1

Vanessa has been through so much over the years. Between the legal war with her mom, the awful claims Los Angeles County made against her and the way fans keep harping on her changing appearance, it has been one thing after another.

Many others would have cracked under all that pressure. Vanessa has remained strong, though.

Gasol has spoken quite openly about how much his former Los Angeles Lakers teammate meant to him. He has described in great detail the two sides of Kobe that he dealt with, and even revealed the first time he saw Kobe cry.

Clearly their bond was very real. And by that same token, it is obvious that the love Gasol felt for Kobe now extends to his entire family as well.

It is easy to be there to support a friend’s family immediately after a tragedy occurs. A lot of people can do that. To be there years later, though – that is truly special.

Vanessa is a strong mother and wife who has dealt with a terrible hand in the best way possible. Gasol is a tremendous friend and person. The fact that they have each other to lean on is a heartwarming sight for Lakers fans, NBA fans and the broader community at large.

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