NFL Fans React To Charissa Thompson’s Outfit Choice (Photos)

NFL Fans React To Charissa Thompson’s Outfit Choice (Photos)

NFL fans can be a fickle bunch, and Fox Sports broadcaster Charissa Thompson knows that better than most.

For more than a decade Thompson has been one of the faces of football coverage across multiple networks. That comes with its fair share of highs and lows.

Through it all, Thompson has always possessed and maintained one crucial skill: the ability to constantly go viral.

This past weekend was no exception.

With the NFL playoffs officially commencing on Saturday, Thompson found herself trending over the weekend for her outfit choice.

“Loved this look so much,” one person wrote.

“This dress was everything,” a second fan agreed.

“15/10 look, really nailed it,” a third fan replied.

Thompson always tends to cause something of a stir for her wardrobe choices. Her attire for her interview Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes got a lot of attention. Ditto for what she wore to her interview with Miami Dolphins quarterback Tua Tagovailoa.

Plus, her photos of the outfits always gets massive engagement on Instagram:

That said, Thompson’s headline-grabbing prowess isn’t limited to her clothing. Her somewhat handsy encounter with a San Francisco 49ers star also earned a lot of attention.

Whether she is talking about her first time, offering a refreshingly honest confession about a private incident with her boyfriend or telling a particularly provocative airplane story – Thompson is something of a permanent fixture in the headlines.

This weekend was no exception.

Thompson’s star power always seems to hit new heights when the playoffs roll around.

The same is happening now.

What will she ultimately go viral for this coming weekend? Time will tell.

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