Charissa Thompson’s Touchy Photo With 49ers’ George Kittle Goes Viral

Charissa Thompson’s Touchy Photo With 49ers’ George Kittle Goes Viral

Charissa Thompson is a mainstay when it comes to Thursday night and Sunday morning football coverage.

Between her stints at Amazon and FOX, she is as synonymous with the NFL as any sports broadcasting personality around.

This past week, Thompson made headlines for something of a funny reason – a touchy photo she took with San Francisco 49ers tight end George Kittle.

The image was part of a collection she shared from the day on her social media accounts:

NFL fans took note immediately.

“Look at Kittle…’ooh girl that feels good’! Be careful CT how you’re touching these athletes. Let’s just be real…none of those men on that panel can touch you like that without getting in some kind of trouble,” one fan wrote.

“Pic 3 might be flirting,” another fan added.

“Grabbing a handful of Kittle muscle there, you little sneaky fox,” a third fan wrote.

This isn’t the first time in recent weeks that Thompson has blown up online. Her outfit for her interview with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes also caused a stir. Ditto for what she wore to her sit down with Miami Dolphins star Tua Tagovailoa.

One of the keys to Thompson’s success has been the fact that she is super approachable. That probably explains why she felt so comfortable being touchy with Kittle.

She just has that sort of personality.

Mind you, Thompson is the same person who outwardly expressed to her audience what happened during an especially intimate encounter with a new man. And who openly spoke about her first time on her podcast.

Plus when that whole situation happened with her private photos leaking out, Thompson didn’t hide. She confronted the situation head on and handled it with about as much dignity and class as anyone could given the circumstances.

All of which is to say, her personality is a big reason why Thompson has reached the heights she has reached in sports.

So while her being a little touchy with Kittle may surprise some, it is actually quite on brand for her.

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