Charissa Thompson’s Outfit For Patrick Mahomes Interview (Photos)

Charissa Thompson’s Outfit For Patrick Mahomes Interview (Photos)

Charissa Thompson is one of a handful of sports broadcasters that can transcend whatever network they are on.

Whereas most personalities are just interchangeable pieces viewers gloss over before, during and after games – Thompson has carved out a unique space for herself.

Much like Erin Andrews, NFL fans regularly look forward to seeing Thompson on Thursdays and Sundays. They also love her interviews.

This week, Thompson blew up online when folks caught a glimpse of her outfit both for FOX NFL Sunday and also her interview with Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes:

“Killing it,” one fan wrote.

“May I please borrow your whole closet?” a second fan joked.

“Definitely the prettiest in the group,” a third person added.

Mahomes has been in the news a lot recently. Between his wife Brittany’s wild birthday party photos and their memorable Halloween costumes, it has been one thing after another. In light of all that, it was great to see him actually talk football with Thompson. He has an incredible mind for the game that, somehow, often gets taken for granted because of his natural athletic gifts.

It also goes without saying that this isn’t the first time in recent weeks Thompson has set the internet ablaze in this particular fashion. Between her provocative dress choice on a recent telecast, honest confession about a private incident with her new boyfriend and blunt admission about her first time – she has been in the headlines nonstop.

This week’s situation is just par for the course.

One of the things that fans love about Thompson is how honest and genuine she is. That sincerity showed itself when she discussed her private photo leak, and also when she spoke frankly about her most recent divorce.

That is the kind of stuff that endears Thompson to fans.

There are other popular sports broadcasters out there, but few resonate with the larger NFL community the way Thompson does.

She is very one of a kind in that regard.

What will Thompson ultimately blow up for online next?

Time will tell.

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